What makes a home sustainable?

There are three key elements that make a home sustainable: 

The house is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,  save water and energy and reduce waste during construction and the house’s lifetime.

The house is designed to prevent injuries through built-in safety features. It has security elements to reduce crime and improve the occupants’ sense of security. Features are also used to provide flexibility and comfort for people of varying abilities and at different life stages, including children and people with limited mobility.

The house is designed to save money during construction and over the lifetime of the house. Careful planning avoids the need for major future renovations and reduces costs associated with energy use, water use and maintenance.

Let's break these down a little further

One key component to building a home, is it’s placement on the block of land.  Ensuring the rising sun is heating the appropriate side of the house, and similarly with the western sun.  Understanding the fundamental environmental elements of the location, can considerably improve or decrease your liveability.

The building structure must also be considered. Cost/effectiveness is an important issue in sustainable design. Sustainable design can help to create a sustainable way of living within a community. While the existing social constructs can be seen to influence architecture, the opposite can also be true. An overtly socially sustainable building, if successful, can help people to see the benefit of living sustainably. The same can be said for environmentally sustainable design, in that architecture can lead the way for the greater community. 

We combine a variety of techniques and technologies to achieve ultra-low energy use. Energy efficiency over the entire life cycle of a building is the most important single goal of sustainable design. Designers use many different techniques to reduce the energy needs of buildings and increase their ability to capture or generate their own energy.

Build methodology can provide strong sustainable outcomes.  Using only locally and ethically sourced timber supplies provides fewer driving miles and increased local employment.  Combine this with experienced small lot building experience, our team of builders and suppliers work faster and cleaner inconfined spaces. 

The materials we use are invaluable to our sustainability outputs.  Below are just a few of the products we use to ensure our environmental impact is minimised.

Heat Pump

We only use accredited Heat Pump Hot Water systems which use renewable energy to heat your water, without the need for solar panels

Chain of Custody

Only 'chain of custody' certified timber is used in our homes which means it has been harvested from renewable Australian forests

Energy Efficient Appliances

We select high energy efficient appliances throughout the home

Low VOC Paint

Low VOC paint contains less “Volatile Organic Compounds” (VOC) or VOC Solvents than traditional coatings. Therefore less odour and fewer toxins

Fresh Air and Natural Light

Glazing and sunlight is carefully managed to ensure 100% daylight in living spaces

Minimisation of Waste

Use of products that contain recycled materials ensures minimised waste and landfill


Superior insulation lines the roof and walls, reducing heat transfer by up to 70%

Better Project Management

Ensures fewer deliveries and associated transport overheads, minimising unnecessary fossil fuel consumption

Water Efficient

Water efficient plumbing ensure less wastage of our precious water supply

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