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Does your land suit a Tiny Home?

There are a number of determining factors to fully understand if your land is suitable for a Granny Flat, or as we like to call them, Secondary Dwelling. 

In most instances a backyard granny flat or secondary dwelling can be either, “free standing or constructed under or attached to a Dwelling house”* on the same lot and is smaller in size than the main dwelling.

Each LGA (local government area) has their own specific rules about granny flats/secondary dwellings.  For example, if you live in the Moreton Bay local council region then you are eligible to rent out a granny flat to those outside of your family or relations.  However, currently in the Maroochydore local council, you can only rent out a granny flat to members of your direct family. However, given COVID-19 was thrust upon us, combined with a national housing crisis, we are beginning to see Councils relax and reconsider these restrictions, to the owners benefit.  

In Noosa Local Council area, a granny flat/secondary dwelling can only be built within 20 metres of an existing approved dwelling, and must not be any larger than 60m2 in area.  Where as in Brisbane City Council regions a granny flat can be built no greater than 80 square metres in total size and similarly is within 20 metres from the main dwelling.  

For region specific land and building regulations and information contact your local council or give our friendly team a call to help get straight to the bottom of you needs.

We must stress, there is a lot of grey area when it comes to each local government area and our qualified team are the most experienced when it comes to understanding and interpreting the requirements.  We have a number of tools at our fingertips to aide the best possible outcomes.

Please talk to us before making a decision based on your research.  The solution may well be right under our nose!

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